MESA Outcomes and Impacts

The MESA program‘s innovative design benefited both trainers and trainees. The trainers were community college students who received laptops in exchange for twelve hours of community service training their family and community members. By recognizing the unique outreach opportunities of familial and community connections and ensuring all participants gained an advantage, MESA maximized the potential of California Connects resources.

MESA trainees acquired basic computer and technical skills, realized educational goals, and became more competitive in the workforce. 5800 MESA students received laptops and 1,578 completed the Microsoft certification. The MESA students worked with more than 13,000 family and community members, providing nearly 40,000 hours of training.

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MESA students benefitted from California Connects…

  • Ownership of vital technology, laptops, allowed easy access to communication with teachers, course materials, and college and professional software.
  • Community service hours relevant to areas of study increased eligibility for acceptance to four-year institutions
  • Access to Microsoft competency tests and collaboration with other student trainers encouraged evaluation of skills against a structured standard and plans to develop skills in the future.

“Si la gente puede enseñar a otros lo que aprendieron, sé que he triunfado.”
— If people can teach what they learnt to someone else, then I know I succeeded

~ MESA student