US Government Agencies/ and Public Institutions

Federal Communications Commission

Press Releases/Memos

— Ex Parte Meetings with the Technology Transitions Policy Task Force. (01/10/13).

— “Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Discusses President’s Privacy Proposal”, (03/29/12)

— Rep. Mary Bono Mack: SAFE Web Act Reauthorization Critically Important for Consumer Protection (10/09/12)


National Telecommunication and Information Administration

Press Releases/Memos

— Privacy Multi-stakeholder Process: Mobile Application Transparency (04/03/13)


— NTIA/ Carnegie Mellon University, Privacy Tool User Studies, 2012.


The Federal Trade Commission


— FTC (2012) Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change

— Mobile Privacy Disclosures (Feb., 2013)


— Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998

— Federal Trade Commission, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, 2013.

— Federal Trade Commission: Privacy Impact Assessment, Video Hosting , January 2013

Press Releases/Memos

— “Federal Trade Commission: Privacy Impact Assessment, Video Hosting” (January 2013)

— “Resolution directing use of compulsory process to collect information regarding data brokers” (12/04/13)


— Privacy & Identity

— Federal Trade Commission Privacy Impact Assessments

— What Does the FTC Do with Your Personal Information?

— Bureau of Consumer Protection, Business Center


The United States House of Representatives


— The Commercial Privacy Bill

— Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 1986

— Wiretap Act, 2013

— Stored Communications Act, 1986

— Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 2008

— Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, 2013

— The Privacy Act,1974

— Video Privacy Protection Act, 1988

— Internal Memorandum on: “Balancing Privacy and Innovation: Does the President’s Proposal Tip the Scale?” (03/27/12)

— The Committee on Energy and Commerce (Memorandum on privacy, March 27, 2012)

— The Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988

— The Committee on Energy and Commerce , (Second Quarter Report, Second Session of the 112th Congress, July, 2012)

— The Committee on Energy and Commerce (Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Discusses President’s Privacy Proposal, 03/29/12)

— The Committee on Energy and Commerce (On Data Privacy Day, Upton and Terry Remind Consumers to Be Vigilant with Personal Information Online, 01/28/13)

— Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights 2012


The White House


— Consumer Data.Gov

Press Releases/Memos
— “We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration Unveils Blueprint for a “Privacy Bill of Rights” to Protect Consumers Online” (02/23/12)

— The White House, National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding

— The White House, Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World, Feb, 2012.

— On Guard Online:


California Government Agencies

California Department of Justice


— California Department of Justice, Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General, “Privacy on the Go. Recommendations for the Mobile Ecosystem”. Jan, 2013.

— California Office of Privacy Protection

Multilateral Organizations

— Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


— OECD (2012) Improving the Evidence Base for Information Security and Privacy Policies.

— UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy


World Economic Forum


— World Economic Forum (2013) Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage.



Non-Profit Organizations/ Research Centers

— American Civil Liberties Union


Press Releases/Memos

— “New Document Sheds Light on Government’s Ability to Search iPhones” (02/26/13)

— Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC)

— California Healthcare Foundation



— Helen R. Pfister and Susan R. Ingargiola, Manatt Health Solutions (2013) “Privacy, Please: Health Consent Laws for Minors in the Information Age”. California Healthcare Foundation.

— Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)

— Common sense media

— Do not track

— Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)


Press Releases/Memos

— “Privacy News Roundup: Facebook, Facewatch, Data Retention About-Face “(10/01/12)

— “A Deep Dive into Facebook and Datalogix: What’s Actually Getting Shared and How You Can Opt Out” (09/25/13)

— “Do Not Track Update: From Congressional Hearings to Uproar Over Microsoft’s “Default” Settings, the Fight for User Privacy Continues” (09/20/13)

— “CA Location Privacy Bill Passes Assembly” (08/22/12)

— “UPDATE: New York Judge Tries to Silence Twitter in Its Ongoing Battle to Protect User Privacy” 908/14/12)

— “Privacy News Roundup: Face Recognition, Data Retention, and Patchy CCTV” (09/06/12)

— “A California District Court Holds that the Video Privacy Protection Act Applies to Online Video” (08/17/12)

— “Governor Brown Vetoes California Electronic Privacy Protection. Again” (10/01/12)

— Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

— Future of Privacy Forum

— Pew Internet Research Center



— Pew Internet Research Center (2013) Teens, Social Media and Privacy.

— Pew Internet Research Center (2013) Teens and Technology 2013

— Pew Internet Research Center (2012) Parents, Teens and Online Privacy

— Privacy and Data Management on Mobile Devices

— Pew Internet Research Center (2012) Privacy management on social media sites.

— Pew Internet Research Center (2012) 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.

— Pew Internet Research Center (2012) Teens and Online Video

— Privacy International (PI)

— Safe Internet



— Online Tips for Parents

— Tactical Technology Collective

— The Carnegie Cyber Academy

— The Internet Society (ISOC)



— “A report on a micro survey regarding online privacy and personal data”

— World Wide Web Consortium (Privacy Activity)


Working groups

— Tacking Protection Working Group


Academic References and Books

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Media coverage on online privacy issues

— “Use, Not Collection, Should Be Focus of Data Rules, Report Says” (The New York Times, 02/28/13)

— “Why Does Privacy Matter? One Scholar’s Answer” (The Atlantic, 02/26/13)

— “Is Facebook About to Run Into Privacy Issues Again?” (ADWEEK, 02/22/13)

— “What Data Can’t Do” (The New York Times , 02/18/13)

— “Web anonymity battle starts anew” (The Hill, 02/26/13)

— “If You’re Collecting Our Data, You Ought to Protect It” (The New York Times, 02/16/13)

— “Facebook feature to promote friends’ posts raises privacy issues” (Los Angeles Times, 02/15/13)

— “White House to issue cybersecurity order Wednesday” (The Hill, 02/11/13)

— “Consumers Fret About Privacy on Data Privacy Day Feel they have little control” (01/28/13)

— “More Using Electronics to Track Their Health” (The New York Times, 01/27/13).

— “German court awards damages for loss-of-Internet, says net is “crucial part of people’s economic living standards” (, 01/25/13).

— “Facebook, email providers say they require warrants for private data seizures” (The Hill, 01/25/13)

— “Open Letter to Skype” (, 01/24/13).

— “Survey Finds Rising Reliance on Libraries as a Gateway to the Web” (The New York Times, 01/22/13)

— “New chairman of House Trade panel open to online privacy regulation” (The Hill, 01/22/13).

— “Privacy groups lobby EU to crack down on Web companies” (The Hill, 01/21/13)

— “Facebook Announces Its Third Pillar “Graph Search” That Gives You Answers, Not Links Like Google” (, 01/15/13).

— “Mixed Response to Comcast in Expanding Net Access” (The New York Times, 01/20/13).

— “Online ‘Shaming’ A New Level Of Cyberbullying For Girls” (NPR, 01/07/13)

— “To My 13-Year-Old, An iPhone Contract From Your Mom, With Love” (12/28/12)

— ‘Sites Sharing Personal Details: The Journal’s Tests” (The Wall Street Journal, 12/07/12)

— “They Know What You’re Shopping For” (12/07/12)

— “Which Websites Are Sharing Your Personal Details?” (12/07/12)

— “State steps up enforcement of digital privacy protections” (California Watch, 11/30/12)

— The growing art of data dodging (Marketplace, 11/29/12)

— “Kisses and Hugs in the Office” (The Atlantic, 11/28/12)

— “How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away” (The New York Times, 11/07/12)

— “U.S. Is Tightening Web Privacy Rule to Shield Young” (The New York Times, 09/28/12)

— “Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era” (The New York Times, 05/29/12)

— “Google Defends Way It Gets Phone Data” (The Wall Street Journal, 04/22/11)

— “Selling You on Facebook” (The Wall Street Journal ,04/07/12)

— “Read My E-mail? Get a Warrant” (Scientific American, Jan. 2012)

— “FTC: “Last chance” for ‘Net advertisers to come to Jesus” (Ars Technica, 04/27/09)



— Take this Lollipop

— Please Rob Me



— A Cypherpunk Manifesto

— Privacy, Technology and the Open Society

— Cory Doctorow’s “Little brother”

— “Privacy game” by David Barnard-Wills